About us.


Metric Athlete employs an innovative player tracking system which uses GPS sports vests to help coaches make informed decisions based on statistics to enhance their athletes’ performance.

Measure skills, identify strengths and weaknesses

Metric Athlete is the ideal system to measure your team’s skills, strengths and weaknesses. Our system will accurately measure and feedback important information regarding your team’s performance.

The Metric Athlete system allows coaches and trainers to easily compare their side’s performance across several variables. Coaching staff can easily compare the team’s performance versus a previous encounter, or between different opponents, even different weather conditions to name just a few of the options. The Metric Athlete system can be used for both home and away team events. Highlighting differences in performance through stats compiled for each instance.

Know your players

The most important performance enhancement aspect that the Metric Athlete system unlocks, is individual athlete tracking. Our system allows coaches and selectors to closely monitor each individual team member’s skill level continuously.

Athletes can be assessed on their overall skill ability, their in-game/tournament strategy as well as their ability to carry out the game plan. This will build up a profile of each and every player, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. And this provides coaches with the ideal platform to work on improving player performance and selecting their best possible players at all times.

Record of performances

Once a bench mark has been set, it is easy to use the record build up for both players and teams when monitoring improvements.

It helps the coaching staff to identify what training techniques have been successful and where they can still improve.

Track. Compare. Improve.

We help teams prepare, perform and recover through technology to give them the insight they need. Providing data and metrics like distance covered, sprint speed and a positional heat-maps.